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Removing A Hot Tub | Where To Start…

Faced with the task of removing an hot tub? Even the highest quality hot tubs have lifespans of only 20 years. Lesser quality hot tubs last for 5 to 10 years. And regardless of the quality, hot tubs that don’t receive proper care will end up expiring sooner than they should.

So what do you do when your hot tub expires? The best choice is to get a hot tub removal service. An Atlanta junk removal company can do this service for you.

But before the company’s workers arrive, you should do four steps. Read on to learn about these steps.

Why Prepare Your Hot Tub for Removal?

Yes, a home and commercial junk removal company can break down a hot tub for you. They should have the equipment and experience necessary to do so. But there are a lot of reasons why you should help them with their work ahead of time.

Possibly Save Money

Home and commercial junk hauling companies often charge you for the amount of junk you want them to haul. But many charge you per hour of labor. So if you save the workers time, you could also save yourself money.

Involve Other Professionals

Commercial and home junk removal workers don’t have the same certifications that other workers do. You need to leave certain steps involved in removing your hot tub to the real experts. If you do, no one will injure themselves on your property.

Finish Work Faster

You probably want that old hot tub off your property as soon as possible. You may also feel inconvenienced by having to stay home to let the workers in. Then you’ll have to wait until they leave so you can lock up your home.

If you make things easier for the workers, they should get your hot tub out of the way quickly. Then you can get right back to your normal life.

Prevent Damages

Workers should do what they can to avoid the items around your hot tub, but accidents happen. You shouldn’t expect workers to know everything about your backyard furnishings, decor pieces, etc. The only one who knows everything about your possessions is you.

So you’re the best person to clear out your backyard before work begins. You may struggle to find the time to do this, but there is no better way to keep your possessions safe.

Common Courtesy

You’ll likely need to use the same Atlanta junk removal company again. Most junk removal services specialize in several types of removal. You may need them for shed, pallet, and/or piano removal in the future.

Because of this, you should want to extend some common courtesy to them and make their work easier. If you don’t, they may put you lower on their priority list next time or refuse to work with you. If you do help the workers, they’ll be more than willing to help you the next time you hire them.

Four Hot Tub Removal Steps

While anyone can do these steps, it is important to do this work slowly. You can still end up hurting yourself or breaking something if you’re not careful.

1. Protect Yourself From Harm

Some of the steps you need to take are dangerous. So it’s a good idea to put on some safety equipment before you start tackling all the steps.

Put on Safety Equipment

Get some safety goggles, sturdy work gloves, a respirator mask, and old clothes you can dirty up. Put all this on before you start dismantling the hot tub.

2. Prepare Your Hot Tub

Does your old hot tub still have water in it? If so, you should drain the hot tub first. Get a garden hose and attach it to the drain spout to guide the water to where you want it to go.

Turn off the Gas Supply

If your hot tub has a gas supply, you’ll need to have it turned off. It’s best to get a professional to do this. Open gas lines can be dangerous.

Turn off Power

Also, make sure to turn off the power via the breaker box before disconnecting the hot tub. This will prevent any damage or injuries from occurring. Check if everything is off using a voltage meter or talking to an electrician.

3. Disassemble the Hot Tub

You don’t need to do this and you can risk some injury doing this. But it will save time.

Electrical Components First

Once you’re sure the power is off, remove the electrical components first. These should consist of the heater unit and any water filtration devices. Set them in a place where they won’t get wet.

Skirting Next

Then you can deal with the other components. Remove the skirting first. If you’re giving the hot tub to a junk removal company, don’t worry about breaking the skirting up as it will likely go to a recycling facility.

Then Fiberglass Shell

You should have the fiberglass shell left. If you want, you can cut this shell apart with an electric saw. Just be sure to do this far away from anything you can damage.

4. Set Up the Area Before Removing a Hot Tub

Once you’ve set the junk down, make the area convenient for the workers. Give workers a clear path through your backyard to your hot tub junk. Remove all the furnishings and decor from their path.

Cover the Pool

Do you have a pool? If so, make sure to cover it up or block the path to it. You shouldn’t want any of the workers to fall into your pool.

Atlanta Demolition and Junk Removal Services

Now that you’ve set everything up, you should have a swift hot tub removal. Remember that you can also get the junk removal team to remove any other junk that’s been filling up your property as well. You might as well get it all at once.

If you need Atlanta demolition and/or junk removal services, we’re your team. We offer shed, cardboard, piano, and pallet removal along with other services. You can also call us for home cleanouts.

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