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You can risk injuries or damages if you don’t know how to do light demolition the right way. Turn to Breezeway Disposal instead!

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Breezeway Disposal is the light demolition crew for you. We are more than happy to tear down small structures and shed removal services in Johns Creek and other nearby service areas for a fair, affordable price!

Insured. We are fully covered, so you don’t have to stay on edge while we demolish your structure.

Professional. Tearing down small structures is just another day of the week for us. We do this all the time!

Same-day service. Want an appointment as soon as today or tomorrow? Call or text us to get started ASAP!


A broken deck can be a sad sight indeed. Ready to get started on a replacement? We will get rid of the old deck for you so you can start planning your next one.


Removing a fence from a large property can be a monumental undertaking. Need someone else to take on this task for you? Then bring on our full-service crew!

Hot Tubs

If you don’t use your old hot tub anymore, why keep it around? It’s only taking up room in your backyard. We can remove it fast and reclaim that space for you!


We also remove play structures, including swing sets, see-saws, and jungle gyms. When your kids have moved out, this is a great way to take back yard space.


Has your old shed seen better days? Is it time to let it go? If so, bring on our crew, and we’ll tear down your shed fast. Of course, we’ll clean up the debris, too.

And More!

Do you have another kind of small structure you would like us to demolish? We are open to suggestions! Get in touch with us and tell us about your project today.


Want to save time and money on your light demolition project? Then choosing Breezeway Disposal is the right call.

  • We will be there right on time! Expect our courtesy call when we’re almost there.
  • You can count on us to bring all the equipment and tools we need for easy demolition.
  • Accept our upfront quote, and you’ll never pay hidden fees. Our pricing is fair and straightforward.
  • Book an appointment today by contacting us online or calling/texting 770-462-0454

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